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Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools have a longstanding reputation for traditional, academic rigor. Our academic excellence is rooted in our Faith and our Mission… “to form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through Gospel values and academic excellence.”  This Mission is also why we attract dedicated and experienced educators who set high expectations for their students and care about their personal success.

History of Excellence

Our Bishop O'Gorman students as a whole perform well above the local, state and national average on standardized tests.  It is this exceptionally strong foundation in our elementary schools that ensures our students will continue to succeed in Junior High and High school!

  • O’Gorman High School has been named a NCLB “Blue Ribbon School” by the U.S. Dept. of Education.
  • O’Gorman has been named a Top 50 Catholic high school in the nation every year since the National Catholic High School Honor Roll award’s inception in 2006.

On average, 90% of O’Gorman students attend four-year colleges and graduate in four years, with another five percent attending vocational/technical or community colleges. The remaining five percent enter the military or enter the workforce. The Senior Christian Service classes (seniors only) served approximately 4,500 hours working in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, helping people with disabilities and more. This is in addition to the tens of thousands of hours our SFCS students spend annually in Christian service throughout the community.

Advanced Placement Scores

  • 84% of O’Gorman High School students scored a passing score of 3 or higher on advanced placement tests compared to the state average of 65%.